Dubai launches Space Explorer Camp for students

This approach is in line with the UAE’s efforts to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. The UAE is investing heavily in space and we believe this will contribute to the nation’s sustainable development.” ( read original story ...)

Innovation makes China stand out in rice technology

The story of Chinese rice going global is also a story of Chinese technologies going abroad. For instance, in Dubai, Chinese technologies enable the water and fertilizers to automatically reach the roots of rice plants while the unabsorbed water ... ( read original story ...)

Why Dubai is the best trip to dip your toes in Arab culture

The over-the-top displays of wealth and technology might have seemed like a global pissing contest, but they were a crucial part of the long-term vision of then-ruler Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. He saw an opportunity to leverage Dubai’s short ... ( read original story ...)

UAE businesses must secure data or risk 20 million euro fine

Barry Scott, chief technology officer for Europe ... Latest data indicates that the UAE has emerged as one of the largest trading partners of the European Union. The UAE was the seventh largest destination for EU products in 2017 with total trade amounting ... ( read original story ...)

Great News! You Can Enjoy Free WiFi In The UAE For One Week!

Rejoice! As Eid is drawing near, there are so many things to be happy about! Family celebrations, shopping and enjoying your favourite food to name a few. Adding to that list, a Ramadan campaign promises to offer UAE residents faster WiFi connection at no ... ( read original story ...)

Soon, get faster WiFi on Dubai Metro

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) Dubai Metro riders could soon enjoy a faster WiFi service aboard carriages. This was among the recommendations made by the customers' council of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) following a live chat session with commuterson ... ( read original story ...)

Dubai Technology Partners (L.L.C.)

Companies that design, manufacture, assemble, and distribute computers and computer hardware (including personal, large-scale, and specialized computers, computer peripheral devices, other computer-based systems) and companies that provide services related ... ( read original story ...)

World’s largest vertical farming facility in Dubai

Dubai: Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC ... product and service quality. Introducing the latest technology to our operations, we secure our own supply chain of high quality and locally-sourced fresh vegetables, while significantly reducing our environmental ... ( read original story ...)

Bitfury opens Dubai office

Dubai: The Bitfury Group, a blockchain technology company, has expanded its operations into the UAE by opening an office in Dubai at the Dubai Design District. George Kikvadze, executive vice-chairman of Bitfury, said the new office opening will advance ... ( read original story ...)

Gamers in UAE find mental disorder tag ‘offensive’

Some gamers in the UAE "feel offended" that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has labelled addiction to gaming as a mental health disorder. Khaleej Times spoke to gamers in Dubai who said they find gaming as a way of "escaping" from personal or real ... ( read original story ...)