WhatsApp video, voice calls available in UAE

Dubai: WhatsApp video and voice calls went live in the UAE — quietly and no fanfare or official announcement, at first — to the pleasant surprise of mobile phone users in Dubai. Many confirmed to Gulf News they can now use the features on the popular ... ( read original story ...)

Why Dubai is embracing electric, driverless transport

That mindset has long been embraced by Dubai and the UAE in general. http://gulfnews.com/business/analysis/the-uae-s-ambitions-for-its-energy-mix-1.1963763 As half of cars rolling out of assembly lines around the world will have self-driving features in 10 ... ( read original story ...)

Dubai is embracing electric, driverless transport big time

Dubai is on a roll to become one of the early adopters. It is introducing electric, driverless transport in a big way and ahead of the world’s major cities. These are the number of ways that Dubai — which lies at the heart of global fossil fuel trade ... ( read original story ...)

Dubai and Abu Dhabi turn costlier for expats

Dubai: Dubai and Abu Dhabi have moved up in the rankings for ... such as limitations to certain benefits (medical insurance, for example), caps on business expenses, travel restrictions, and, ultimately, softer annual salary increases than in previous ... ( read original story ...)

UAE’s new bankruptcy law needs testing

The UAE introduced a new stand-alone bankruptcy law in December ... As regards the former, the new law incentivises SMEs to be more proactive if they want to continue with their business and to put in place viable restructuring plans to do so. ( read original story ...)

UAE businesses need to shed summer slowdown blues

This is a shocking business practice. And it’s unique to us. Worldwide there is a slowdown during holidays, but here we grind almost to a halt. And that’s because the UAE offers an exceptionally high amount of annual leave. Forty days is the average ... ( read original story ...)

Qatar will not shut gas pipeline to ‘brothers’ in UAE

Despite the diplomatic dispute between the Gulf Arab nations and Qatar, Doha won’t cut gas supplies to the United Arab Emirates (UAE); Saad Sherida al-Kaabi, chief executive of state-run Qatar Petroleum, told Al Jazeera. He said it is part of the "force ... ( read original story ...)

UAE most innovative Arab nation

The report said the UAE benefits from increased data availability and shows strengths in tertiary inbound mobility, innovation clusters and ICT-driven business model innovation. This is due to the outstanding progress made by the UAE to its sustainable ... ( read original story ...)

Dubai’s date trade tops $221 million in 2016

Business opportunities Data from Dubai Customs shows that the volume of Dubai’s date exports to North American and European countries remained low in 2015. However, the analysis found that Dubai has the potential to boost its date exports to those ... ( read original story ...)