How the levy of VAT will impact UAE's property…

The rules governing buying and leasing of property in the UAE varies significantly, depending on where the property is located. There are seven autonomous emirates, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain and Ajman, and ... ( read original story ...)

Smart Dubai launches job portal

Dubai: The Smart Dubai Office has announced the launch of a new official central employment portal through which citizens and expatriates can apply for jobs that match their qualifications. Dubai Careers portal, developed by Smart Dubai Government ... ( read original story ...)

83% in UAE support new nuclear plant: Poll

The high-approval levels are good news for UAE nuclear plans as compared to other countries around the world where concerns over the ecologically safe disposal of radioactive, spent nuclear rods are high. In February at the World Government Summit in ... ( read original story ...)

Indian doctor wins over Rs 17.5 crore in lottery in UAE

"It was my dad who shared the news with us since he's the one who got the call from ... The millionaire promotion is the longest-running and the biggest raffle draw hosted at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. So far, the Big Ticket raffle has declared ... ( read original story ...)

Abu Dhabi property owners wrongly billed for municipality fees

ABU DHABI // Property owners are being wrongly billed for tens of thousands of dirhams in taxes from which they are exempt – and threatened with having utilities cut off if they do not pay. It is the latest problem for the new municipality fee system ... ( read original story ...)

India-UAE cultural exchange in year-long initiative

In one of the initiative’s first events, more than 6,000 Indian workers will be honoured later this month (April), representatives from the 200-member IBPG told Gulf News. A full calendar of the pan-UAE cultural exchange is also being drawn up. ( read original story ...)