Intersec 2018 prepares for 20th anniversary edition in Dubai

Since then, the UAE-based company has established itself as one of the world ... Time & Attendance solutions equipped with Facial Recognition, Wi-Fi, 3G and battery support, PoE Switches and much more. We are excited and look forward to a continued ... ( read original story ...)

Dubai Exports assists Brazilians in technology summit

Brazilian enterprises interested in joining an event on industrial technology in the emirate next November can rely on support from the government agency to find business connections and to schedule meetings. Isaura Daniel* São ... ( read original story ...)

Tesla enters region’s solar sector in another first

Tesla has entered into the region’s solar market for the first time in Dubai, opening up a new avenue for the car maker. After launching its showroom in Dubai earlier this year, the company headed by Elon Musk has widely been known for its electric ... ( read original story ...)

Russia may help set up first UAE cosmonaut team

The UAE space agency and Russian counterpart Roscosmos have signed ... Krikalev said the two space agencies would collaborate in the testing and development of space equipment and technology aboard the International Space Station (ISS) launched into ... ( read original story ...)

MEVP and Alabbar launch $250m technology investment fund

which has seen a significant rise in demand for technology products and services over the past few years, in line with other parts of the world. “Digitisation is the way to go,” said Mr Alabbar, who is also the chairman of the UAE’s top listed real ... ( read original story ...)

The best wireless routers in the UAE for 2017

In the information age, no building is complete without only the best wireless router, a title that has recently taken on new meaning, thanks to efforts from companies like Google, Netgear and Linksys who’ve begun to bring wireless mesh systems to market. ( read original story ...)

Charge your electric car — without a cable

Dubai: We've seen wireless charging gear for toothbrushes and some smartphones. Now, imagine the convenience of not having to plug in your electric car — when you finally decided to buy one — to a wall socket or fast charger. Instead, you drive it over ... ( read original story ...)