Bad guys steal Dh3.86b from 3.72m consumers in UAE last year

Cybercriminals stole Dh3.86 billion from 3.72 million consumers in the UAE in 2017, with each victim losing an average of Dh669, according to 2017 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report. Speaking to Gulf News, Haider Pasha, chief technology officer for ... ( read original story ...)

UAE gov’t to offer free fire alarms following tragic blaze

Every Emirati's home will be fitted with fire alarms at the expense of the UAE government, it was announced on Monday following a blaze in Fujairah which left seven children dead. In a tweet by Dubai Media Office, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ... ( read original story ...)

Review: Emirates First Class 777 Colombo To Dubai

Most of Emirates’ 777s have wifi, and as of last summer they increased the wifi ... Emirates first class coffee and cookies At 12:15PM in Dubai there was an announcement from the first officer that we’d be landing in about 45 minutes. ( read original story ...)

Oracle opens innovation hub in Dubai

US technology giant Oracle on Sunday announced the opening of an innovation hub in Dubai to drive the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) across the country's businesses, public sector and academia. Inaugurated by Omar bin Sultan Al Olama ... ( read original story ...)

UAE forms Youth Science Council

Representing youth in science and technology fields, the council will advocate for the role of youth in science and engineering driven careers. In addition, council members will work on initiatives that promote science among UAE’s youth leading towards ... ( read original story ...)

Dubai’s Smart Plans becoming a reality

and many different elements of Dubai’s efforts produced results. SDGE, which is the technology arm of Smart Dubai, is organised along three main goals of seamless experience and technology efficiency, which includes key government applications and ... ( read original story ...)

UAE to benefit from food, water and energy from Dutch expertise

“It’s a small country with bad climate and they’ve managed to be self-sufficient in their food production through the very early investment in technology years ago,” said Jeffrey Culpepper, chairman of Agrisecura in Dubai. “Almost everything in ... ( read original story ...)

Emirates tops UAE brand rankings for third year running

"As a leading market in the adoption of digital technologies, it is no surprise to see consumers in the UAE demonstrate considerable resonance with leading tech brands. "However, Emirates and Carrefour are showing the continued ability of leading non-tech ... ( read original story ...)