DEWA Visits Dubai’s 3D Printed Laboratory, Now 87% Complete

which recently launched the third cycle of the Dubai Future Accelerators program. The 3D printed laboratory is appropriately based in the solar park, another center of advanced technology, and will likely bring about a significant amount of progress in the ... ( read original story ...)

Powering the future

But today, a revolution in the GCC power sector is taking shape right at the heart of this expanse located at Dubai-Al Ain road. It is at Seih Al Dahal that for the first time in the GCC, electric power will be generated from a solar plant even after ... ( read original story ...)

DEWA awards $1.7m water reservoir contracts

RELATED ARTICLES: DEWA facility at Dubai solar park 50% ready | DEWA visits 3D-printed lab at MBR Solar Park | DEWA's $136m R&D facility to be completed by 2020 Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has awarded a consultancy contract worth $1.7m ... ( read original story ...)

8 must-attend events in Dubai this August

Enjoy free entry to Hangry Hangar; an air-conditioned, Wi-fi enabled spot to gorge on your favourite food truck treats all throughout the summer months. Enjoy an escape from the soaring temperatures at Dubai Ladies Club Ice Dome! Yes, you heard that right. ( read original story ...)

Practice safe Internet on the road

"Never trust open Wi-Fi networks that require no passwords," says Michael Canavan, a Kaspersky senior vice president. I reviewed the places where I'd logged into an open network. At the airport in Orlando. In Dubai. At the InterContinental in Nairobi. ( read original story ...)

7 things happening in the UAE this week

Revo Café at Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort is offering guests bottomless coffee and a slice of cake for Dh35 until the end of August. Enjoy free Wi-Fi and a relaxed atmosphere – perfect for a work day out. They also serve breakfast all-day in case you ... ( read original story ...)

Customising ICT solutions for clients

If you come to me and you say you have a problem with your accounting, say it is hosted in Dubai or the US, how I help you achieve ... Let’s say you want a Wi-Fi connection, what product are you using to achieve or deliver this? The product is one ... ( read original ...

Ship was parked at Karachi port for two days: Coast guard

"The ship was parked at Karachi port for two days after it arrived from Dubai. It then left for Alang ship-breaking ... The vessel was found transmitting its identity on wireless," a coast guard official said. During earlier voyages, the vessel was ... ( read original story ...)